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Center for Medical Biochemistry

Researchers at the Center for Medical Biochemistry conduct basic research in molecular biosciences and medical sciences and pass on their knowledge to students of the Medical University of Vienna in lectures and practical courses. The Center for Medical Biochemistry is closely linked to the research clusters of the Medical University of Vienna and, together with the Center for Molecular Biology of the University of Vienna, is part of the Max Perutz Labs Vienna.

The Max Perutz Labs itself are a joint venture of the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna. The institute conducts outstanding, internationally recognized research and teaching in the field of molecular biology. Scientists at the Max Perutz Labs investigate fundamental, mechanistic processes in biomedicine and combine innovative basic research with medically relevant questions.
The Max Perutz Labs are part of the Vienna BioCenter, a leading hotspot of life sciences in Europe. 47 research groups with around 400 employees from 50 nations are active at the institute.

14. November 2023

Egon Ogris appointed Professor of Medical Biochemistry

Congratulations to group leader Egon Ogris on being promoted to professor at the Medical University of Vienna.
23. October 2023

Phosphatase loss spells problems for the prostate

Approximately one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime.
17. August 2023

Lipid Chemistry Empowers Nuclear Shape

A study by Anete Romanauska and Alwin Köhler reveals that the chemistry of membrane lipids is crucial for changes in the shape of the nuclear…
03. May 2022

Alwin Köhler elected corresponding member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Congratulations to Alwin Köhler, who has become a member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW).

The Center for Medical Biochemistry is divided into two divisions

The center is situated in Vienna’s third district at the Vienna BioCenter and comprises the divisions of Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics. It has close contact to the institutions and companies of the Vienna Biocenter.


Molecular Precision Medicine

The master’s degree programme in Molecular Precision Medicine is a joint program of the Medical University of Vienna and the University of Vienna. The program is dedicated to an understanding of human pathogenesis and the treatment of disease at a molecular and mechanistic level. Mehr erfahren


Christian Jindrich
person in charge

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